Tweed Rides 2013

The-Tweed-Ride-Report-March-2013-Edition-Victoria Pendleton--1890s-Style-Tweed-Oufit

The March Edition 2013 of The Tweed Ride Report

Tweed Ride Buffalo NY (Buffalo Lazy Randoneer Club) — Mar 24Tweed Ride Sacramento — Apr 6

Tweed Ride Portland OR — Apr 7

Tweed Run Oldenburg, DE — Apr 14

Tweed Run London — Apr 14

Tweed Ride Vienna “Get Your Tweed Tunes” — Apr 21

Tweed Ride Traverse City — Apr 27

Seersucker Ride Chico, CA – May TBD

Tweed Ride SLO, CA — May 5th

Tweed Ride Calgary — May 21

Tweed Ride Saint-Petersburg – Jun 1 & 2

Anjou Vélo Vintage, FR — Jun 22 & 23

Tweed Run Moscow — Sept TBD

Visit THE TWEED RIDE REPORT to see the individual invites, posters, all linking back to the ride organizers and the event itself. Find various ways to connect to the rides, find much more detail — again you will be able to find links to the various rides by reading THE TWEED RIDE REPORT.

Please keep sending in your emails to me about your Tweed Rides! Thanks to the community, those wonderful 421 members of The Tweed Ride (Report) Community on FB for letting me know about your rides! Please join us there if you haven’t already, because it’s a lot of fun and discussions happen there you won’t find here on the RidingPretty Blog or anywhere else for that matter.


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